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Ear Expanding Jewellery

Ear expanding body jewellery has proved very popular over the last few years, and we stock lots of ear expanders in acrylic and surgical steel, as well as flesh tunnels to match. ALL images are our direct property and cannot be copied or used without our written permission.  

Wholesale body jewellery , ear expanders etc.


ear expanders

Black acrylic ear expanders

surgical steel ear expanders

high grade 316L surgical steel ear expanders

acrylic tunnels

acrylic star pattern tunnels, one end unscrews

silicone flesh tunnels

silicone flesh tunnels, from 4mm to 30mm

purple expanders

purple acrylic ear expanders

lime expanders

lime acrylic ear expanders

pink expanders

pink acrylic ear expanders

marble expanders

acrylic ear expanders

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